Renovation work of LEJ Campus Library has been completed under the UDWP of the University.
Water proofing work has been completed at the administration offices of the Library.  
The Library facilitated through providing Digital Library in conducting Pre-Admission Entry Tests of NED University, Dawood Engineering University and Haripur Hazara University. The tests were conducted during July – August, 2022, 21st August, 2022 and 15th September, 2022 respectively.
Syed Basit Ali, Deputy Librarian and Mr. Muhammad Farooq Khan, Assistant Librarian attended a panel discussion titled “75 Years of Pakistan: Achievements, Challenges and Way Forward” on the occasion of Independence Day of Pakistan. The event was organized by University Advancement & Financial Assistance (UAFA) and conducted at the National Incubation Centre (NIC), NED UET on 12th August, 2022.
A Team of Library Officials visited to the libraries of Sindh Madrasa-tul-Islam University and Habib University on 19th and 28th July, 2022 respectively, to get more knowledge and understanding with the “Koha” an Open Source Software of Library Management System”. These visits were the activities under the yearly quality objective of the Library for the year 2022.
The Library facilitated through providing Reading Hall and Digital Library for organizing the Summer Camp by U-Tech under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi, Dean (ECE). The summer camp was held for school going children on weekends during the months of July – August, 2022.
Training sessions Tittle “Digital Resources” were conducted in Digital Library (DLDS) for 3rd Year Students of Automotive, Urban and Petroleum Engineering Departments by Ms. Naveen Ali, ITM (JE) during 6th July to 20th July, 2022.
A group of trainees from Afroze Textile Mills, Karachi visited the Library for their learning purpose on 1st July, 2022.The Trainees were briefed about the Library facilities and services during the visit.

The library facilitated through providing its Digital Library and reading hall on request of Prof. Dr. Saad Ahmed Qazi, Dean (ECE) for:

  • A Training Session “Technology Entrepreneurship for Kids” was conducted from December, 2021 to February, 2022 on weekend.
  • Students of The Cowasjee School worked on their Science Projects by using faculty area from 14th to 19th February, 2022 for science exhibition.
The library facilitated MOSAIC Society as referred by Department of Student Affairs for conducting the interview session on 17th January, 2022 at 2nd floor, hall No. 2. of the library.  
Dr. Fakhir Hasni, NED alumni from KSA donated approx. 1300 books and a box of various electronic components and laboratory equipment. The box has been handed over to the Instrumentation Centre of the University. Further, books have been listed with the support of the University students under community service and will be shared with Chairpersons of the teaching departments for selecting books of their interests and/or relevant to their offered programmes.

Students of the following college and university visited the library for their learning purpose;

  • NEDians College, Karachi visited on 17th March, 2022.
  • GC University, Hyderabad visited on 28th March, 2022.

The students were briefed about the library facilities and services.

A fruit tree plantation was initiated at the premises of Circulation library building on 10th March, 2022 by Col.(R) Zafar in collaboration with Director Works & Services.
A training session on Koha: open source software of library management system was arranged for all librarians and IT managers. The session conducted by Dr. M. Waseem Zia, Assistant Professor, Department of Library & Information Science, University of Karachi on 22nd & 24th February, 2022.
The library invited faculty and students of the university for selecting and free distribution of books of their interests during 6th to 14th January, 2022. The said books were donated by Mr. Ajmal Ansari, USA. A large number of books were selected by faculty members and students.
Mr. Rashid Ahmed and Mr. M. Khurram Shafi, Assistant Librarians visited “Karachi International Book Fair” on 3rd January, 2022 at Karachi Expo Centre.
292 books donated by Books for International Goodwill (BIG), USA were handed over to the Principle, Cowasjee School for the school library.