Donation Policy


  • The Engr.Abul Kalam library selectively accepts print and electronic materials according to its subject profile. It accepts gifts and donations in the subject area of engineering, technology and allied sciences.

  • The donor should present the typed list of materials he/she wants to donate in advance (in person, by mail, via e-mail, or fax )

  • The library does not usually accept duplicates of materials already in collection and the material in poor physical condition.

  • The library has a right to accept or reject presented or donated materials at the point of an offer or, if accepted initially for a review, --- after the review process.

  • Materials, which the library decides to decline after the review process, might be discarded or given back to the donor, or gives to other needy user.

  • The donor is responsible to arrange the delivery or transfer of a donation / gift.

  • No special restrictions and requirements should be imposed by a donor as to the location and utilization of donated items.

  • Once offered and accepted, donations become the property of the library and cannot be returned to the donor.

  • Acknowledgement letters are sent to a donor, as the library appreciates the donor’s generosity in presenting a gift to the library. In this regard kindly share your name and e-mail address with library.