Remote Access to Digital Resources

There are two ways through which HEC Digital Resources can be accessed from the convenience of your home.

1. Following Resources available for Remote Access through User ID/Password.

To facilitate users during the COVID-19 pandemic, the following resources have provided remote access through User ID and Password. 

To obtain the remote access credentials

·Email to from NED domain email accounts i.e. domain must be or

·Subject Line: Requesting Remote Access Credentials for Digital Resources.

2. All eleven (11) resources accessible to NED Internet Users through VPN Client.

  • Another way to access HEC Digital Library is through VPN Clients.
  • The only requirement of using VPN is that user should be a registered with NED Internet Service.
  • Details of downloading and installing VPN clients for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac is available at
  • The login panel UserID and Password is the NED Internet UserID and Password.

Once a user is logged in through VPN client through NED Internet Account credentials, ALL Digital Library Resources available at E RESOURCES become authenticated and available.