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Research and Publish With IEEE Xplore

IEEE has arranged two training workshops for the universities within Pakistan covering the below mentioned aspects:



 Strengthening Research Planning Using Elsevier Tool-Scopus, ScienceDirect & Mendeley.

In continuation to our initiative to support researcher across Pakistan during these unprecedented times, ELSEVIER is organizing an open webinar on on


Title:  “Strengthening Research Planning using Elsevier Tools-Scopus, ScienceDirect & Mendeley”

Date:  Thursday, October 22nd 2020, from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Pakistan Time)

The webinar poster is HERE for your reference.


The objective of this webinar is to help researchers at Pakistan academic institutes in:

1. Understanding Research Issues

2. Scanning Research Workflow

3. Understanding Publishing Workflow

4. Journal Metrics and How to choose Journals

5. Read Quality.. Publish Quality using ScienceDirect

6. How to Use Scopus and ScienceDirect effectively.

7. Managing references using Mendeley


To register for the webinar, please click on the link: https://elsevier.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_JNWjf4XhROG1gbJsN4l9mg

Once you register with your email ID, you will automatically receive an email with the webinar joining details. Please do not share your link with anyone as it will be exclusive for you.


Participation certificates will be given to all attendees. Request you to kindly share with your colleagues, students or friends who may be benefitted with this.



ProQuest Weekly Online Trainings

ProQuest under the patronage of Higher Education Commission is currently working on re enhancing the research experience for Universities and their faculty members, researchers and students in Pakistan through weekly on-line trainings the details and benefits of which along with the links to register are being mentioned below against their respective trainings titles. ProQuest shall be issuing certificate of attendance to all the attendees.



Time and Duration (Pakistan local time)

Training Title

Targeted Audience


Registration Link

Wednesday 14/10/2020

11:30 am / (1 hour)

Explore the HEC Digital Library Collections for your next scholarly research (ProQuest Resources and Unified Search Engine – Summon).

Faculty, researchers and students (all)

Explore HEC Digital Library portal, Digital Library Collections and its diverse content types to help you boost your knowledge and research skills


Monday 19/10/2020

11:30 am / (1 hour)

Advanced Training: How to Utilize ProQuest Journals, Dissertations, and Varied Content Types in Teaching and Research

Faculty members and researchers

Working away from your lab or campus? This Advanced Training will help you utilize ProQuest journals, dissertations, and varied content types in teaching and research


Tuesday 20/10/2020

11:30 am / (1 hour)

Advanced Training: How to Utilize ProQuest Ebooks  Collection in Teaching and Research

Faculty members and researchers

During the Virtual Learning Era, eBooks are playing a key role in Education. This advanced training will focus on how to Utilize ProQuest eBooks  Collection in Teaching and Research


Monday 26/10/2020

11:30 am /  (1 hour)

How to Manage Your References Using RefWorks

Faculty members, post graduate students and researchers

Join us to learn how best to write and manage your citations and references in your theses, dissertations and research papers using RefWorks  


Tuesday 27/10/2020

11:30 am / (1 hour)

5 Tips for Getting Published: Maximize Your Chances to Get Your Paper Accepted in Academic Journals!

Faculty members, post graduate students and researchers

This introductory session will provide tips for getting your article published, understanding open access and predatory publishers and will also talk about publishing ethics and how ProQuest resources can help you in your journey to authoring.



Recorded Webinars


This introductory session was delivered to HEC users on Wednesday 14/10/2020.

Session Objectives:

  • Understand HEC Digital Library Portal and Collections
  • Know more and experience the unified search box – Summon
  • Understand ProQuest resources in general and how to access and use them

You can access the recording from here.

You can access the slides from here.

ProQuest Platform Advanced Training


This session was delivered to HEC users on Thursday 13/8/2020.

Session Objectives:

  • Introduce ProQuest Resources available to HEC users on ProQuest Platform
  • Share best practices and ProQuest Platform advanced features and functionalities

You can access the recording from here.

You can access the slides from here.

ProQuest Ebook Central Advanced Training

This session was delivered to HEC users on Wednesday 30/9/2020.

Session Objectives:

  • Introduce ProQuest Ebook Central Platform to HEC Users
  • Explain the importance and value of Academic Complete Collection
  • Share best practices and ProQuest Ebook Central Platform advanced features and functionalities
  • Explore some tools and options for faculty members

You can access the recording from here.

You can access the slides from here.

How to Manage Your References Using refWorks

This session was delivered to HEC users on Monday 17/8/2020.

Session Objectives:

  • Understand RefWorks Reference Management
  • Utilize RefWorks in your day to day research life
  • Experience RefWorks Tools and see how they can help and support you

You can access the recording from here.

You can access the slides from here.

ProQuest's Introduction to Publishing in Academic Journals

This session was delivered to HEC users on Wednesday 19/8/2020.

Session Objectives:

  • Apply some basic standard rules for getting your article published 
  • Use to advantage the Peer Review process
  • Evaluate the value of the open access publishing
  • Detect to avoid the predatory publishing
  • Use the ProQuest resources to help in your journey to Authoring

You can access the recording from here.

You can access the slides from here.

On Demand Webinars

On-Demand Webinar:

IEEE Xplore Best Practices and Research Strategies

Who Should AttendThis webinar would be of interest to any user of  Any engineering professionals, researchers, students, information professionals or other users of IEEE Xplore are encouraged to attend.

 What’s New @ IEEE for Libraries: Helping Libraries Drive Innovation Forward in Uncertain Times (IEEE)

 In this webinar, we’ll discuss tools and resources available from IEEE to help your organization continue to successfully transition in this environment and be prepared to drive innovation forward.

How to Enhance Your e-Curriculum for Distance Learners with e-Resources – Featuring perspectives from a librarian, professor, and publisher (IEEE)

In this webinar that covers the roles and perspectives of a librarian, professor and the publisher, we’ll discuss best practices, ideas, tools and resources needed for an institution to successfully transition a e-curriculum to better support distance learners.

Strategies for Effective Delivery of Online Engineering Courses: Best Practices, Tips and Toolkits (IEEE)

This webinar is about optimizing the learning experience for students now that faculty has had some experience with distance learning. Discussions will include strategies to keep students interested, how to build easy student engagement mechanisms, new opportunities that this type of teaching provides, tools and resources freely available to build faculty’s skillsets, innovative assessment measures to replace heavy reliance on traditional exams, and ways to prepare faculty to teach effectively in this new world.

 Helping Students Learn via Online Delivery: Considerations for Pandemic Pedagogy (IEEE)

This webinar will outline considerations for helping students switch to online learning modalities and construct productive ways to learn in these unusual circumstances. 

 Online Delivery of Engineering Programs: Tips You Can Use From an Experienced ABET-Accredited Program (IEEE)

In 2013, Arizona State University’s (ASU) Electrical Engineering program became the first bachelor’s level ABET-accredited engineering program to be available 100% online. In this virtual event, Stephen Phillips, Professor and Director of the School of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering at ASU, discusses online delivery strategies used in the program as well as highlights lessons learned and specific techniques that can be used by faculty looking to convert to online delivery.

 Using eLearning to Support Distance Learning (IEEE)

In this free webinar, our speakers share tips and techniques that can help you supplement your curriculum and keep students learning.

Managing intellectual property (IP) in universities – perspectives on academia and industry technology transfer (Clarivate Analytics) 

We recently hosted a webinar that looked at the importance of intellectual property (IP) for universities and academic institutions and how to get value from existing IPs by identifying, protecting, managing and commercializing them.